Phil Harper


Phil is currently a Senior Lecturer in Health and Social Care at Newman University. Before working in education, Phil has worked in hospital settings, charities, and care facilities where they specialised in and led dementia care. Phil has in recent years worked at several higher education institutions/universities and often speaks at national conferences and takes part in international working groups.


Research Interests

Phil is currently studying a doctorate, where they aim to explore care staffs understanding of the needs of LGBTQ+ people living with dementia, especially, gender non-conforming individuals. Phil has also been involved in research projects looking at Transgender individuals’ experiences of healthcare and care for people living with dementia.



Phil Teaches on the BSc (hons) Health and Social Care. Phil has an interest in: Social Policy, Applied Sociology, Inequalities and aging and dementia.


Membership of Professional Organisations

Phil is also a research advisor for the Association for Dementia Studies and Northampton Dementia Research Centre. Phil is also part of Alzheimer’s Europe’s working group on Sexuality and Gender, where they helped to develop resources around LGBTQ inclusion in policy and practice.

Phil is currently the Chair of the Research subgroup in the LGBTQ+ Dementia Advisory group.


Conferences and Other Research Activity


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Phil is currently writing a chapter on a book on Transgender ageing where they will focus on Gender Neutrality in care settings.


Conference’s/ Webinars 

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