Rebekah Woodhouse


After living in Australia for 10 years, Rebekah returned to the UK to complete her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Counselling studies and then went on to complete her MRes in Counselling and Psychotherapy at Newman University. Rebekah began lecturing at Newman University as a Visiting Lecturer in 2021 and joined as Lecturer in Counselling and Psychotherapy later that year. She has completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling.


Research interests:
Rebekah has an interest in the intersection of spirituality and psychotherapy with a particular research interest in spiritual abuse and religious trauma.


Rebekah currently teaches across multiple programmes



BACP (Student)


Other Activities


Woodhouse, R. and Hogan, K. (2019) ‘Out on the edge of my comfort’: Trainee counselling and psychotherapists’ experiences of spirituality in therapy: a qualitative exploration. Counselling and Psychotherapy Research. DOI:10.1002/capr.12264



Woodhouse, R. & Hogan, K. (2021) ‘Counselling Psychologists experiences and perceptions of client spiritual distress following a spiritual crisis or spiritual abuse’. Chester University Conference- Spiritual Abuse: Coercive Control in Religions, September 2021, Chester University.


Woodhouse, R. & Hogan, K.(2018) ‘”Out on the edge of my comfort”: Trainee counsellors/psychotherapists perceptions and experience of spirituality in therapy.’ 12th Annual Counselling (Research and Practice) conference, March 2018, Keele University.