Scott Porter


Scott has a passion for physics that has spanned a lifetime. Starting with a childhood trip to the science museum and evolving to his current position in higher education, he has always wanted to know how the Universe works and how to best explain that to others.

After completing his PhD in Astrophysics, he moved into education and spent thirteen years teaching science to students aged eleven to eighteen. During this time he held positions as: Teacher of Science, Curriculum Leader of Physics and Deputy Faculty Director of Science. As part of these roles he had the responsibility for running a range of courses including: A-level Physics, GCSE Physics, GCSE Combined Science, GCSE Astronomy and Key Stage Three Science.


PhD Astrophysics (University of Birmingham)

MSci Physics with Astrophysics (University of Birmingham)

PGCE Secondary Education (Birmingham City University)

NPQSL (National College for Teaching and Leadership)

NPQML (National College for Teaching and Leadership)



Science pedagogy

Practical science

Effective physics teaching

Other Activities


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Porter, S.C. (2007) The properties of galaxies in supercluster filaments. PhD thesis. University of Birmingham. Available at: