Meet the team

Sarah Watson

Sarah Watson

Sarah Watson is Programme Leader and Senior Lecturer in Criminology at Newman. Sarah’s research examines mass shootings across Europe and what factors contribute to policy change.

You can contact Sarah with any questions you have about this course:

Peter Harris

Peter Harris

Dr Pete Harris is Senior Lecturer and Course Coordinator for Criminology. Pete spent 18 years as a youth worker and then as a senior manager for a children’s charity before joining Newman in 2010. His current research interests include how psychosocial criminology can inform relationships between youth practitioners and young people involved in violence, the impact of trauma inflicted on soldiers in training, and how critical pedagogues can produce transformative learning in Higher Education.

Harriet Cutler

Harriet Cutler is a Lecturer in Criminology at Newman.

During semester one we will explore the notion of crime and examine how the criminal justice system operates, and how society has and does see crime within the modules: Seeing Crime and Justice, The Criminal Justice Environment and The Sociology of Crime.

You will be expected and encouraged to use your life experiences and studies to answer a range of questions. We pride ourselves on creating dialogical and democratic spaces where we can discuss and debate topics, and we hope this will inspire you to go and find out more

Mondays 9am-5pm

Thursdays 12pm-5pm (times will vary depending on seminar group)

Full details of your individual academic timetable will be available on mynewman after you have completed online enrolment and set up your student login.

18th August 10-12 Sarah Watson/Pete Harris/Harriet Cutler

25th August 10-12 Sarah Watson/Peter Harris/Harriet Cutler

29th August 3-5 Sarah Watson/Peter Harris/Harriet Cutler

5th September 3.30-5.50 Sarah Watson/Peter Harris/Harriet Cutler

12th September 12-2 Sarah Watson/Peter Harris/Harriet Cutler