Careers Service

The careers service provides pre-entry students, current students, graduates of up to three years, information, advice and guidance on all aspects of careers and work related learning, in a friendly, inclusive, supportive and informative setting.

We aim to:

  • Continually improve CEIAG provision
  • Enhance the employability of all students
  • Support students in developing effective career management skills

As a result of using our service we want our students and graduates to have the following outcomes:

  • Individual’s main issues are clarified for them
  • Options available are known by students and graduates
  • Relevant professional advice and guidance is received by students and graduates
  • Users know where to find out about other sources of help
  • Students develop transferable, professional and specialist skills which meet the needs of the labour market
  • Students have quality based and work related learning opportunities where possible
  • Students and graduates have the ability to make decisions and implement personal and realistic career choices that have been well informed
  • Progression into employment and further study in individual’s desired area
  •  Developed transferable and professional skills through volunteering which will increase students’ employability and success upon graduation
  • Recognition for volunteering contribution through the Newman Volunteering Awards

We work in close partnership with – the UK’s official graduate careers website - to offer you the following range of services exclusively from My Prospects:

  • Create tailored job or postgraduate course searches
  • Receive the latest jobs and courses direct to your email or mobile
  • Receive newsletter and Prospects Graduate digital magazine - packed with the latest news and vacancies
  • Access career planning tools, including Prospects Planner

Please see our statement of service for a summary of the services we provide and check out what's on offer? - The UK's official graduate careers website.

Prospects Vacancies - view vacancies here

Prospects Graduate Employers - view details


docx  CEIAG Policy
Last updated: 15 December 2015

docx  Statement of Service
Last updated: 14 December 2015

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