Physical Education and Sports Studies

The Physical Education and Sports Studies subject area is among the most active and successful research groups at Newman University. There is a strong research ethos within the subject area with a highly committed team of early career and more experienced researchers. All staff are encouraged and supported to pursue research in line with the institutional strategy.

The scholarly work of this enthusiastic research team involves a range of topics related to physical education and sports studies. In recent years, this research has resulted in a range of outcomes including publications in peer-reviewed journals, chapters in edited books and presentations at international conferences. The research group has established collaborative research initiatives with academics from other universities, local authorities, businesses, and national governing bodies of sport.

Research Interests:

The following areas of research interest are those in which it may be possible to offer supervision:

  • Young people’s physical activity, health and well-being
  • Physical education pedagogy and school-based physical activity provision
  • Children’s attitudes towards and engagement with physical education and school-based activity
  • Influences on sport officials decisions
  • Mental toughness in sport and exercise
  • Combat sport psychology
  • Load monitoring in team sport performance
  • Physiology of team sport performance.

The following are additional areas of staff research interest:

  • Mental skills training to support motivation, learning, well-being, and performance
  • The effects of exercise-induced muscle damage on performance and recovery
  • Health, lifestyle and metabolic risk factors of UK university students
  • Health and well-being in youth SEN populations
  • The impact and interaction of stakeholders in elite sport
  • The role and impact of stakeholders in the development of public policy
  • The challenges facing policy makers and education partners in the areas of Health and Education.

 Members of the research team

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