September 2025

International Business Management MSc

Master's Degree, Postgraduate, September 2025

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The MSc International Business Management programme delves into strategic management decision-making, emphasising the integrative nature of factors involved in developing well-rounded international business leaders. Skill development, both in management and personal capacities, is at the heart of our course design and educational approach, as students explore core concepts within a multicultural and global framework.  Sustainability, ethical and responsible business practices are interwoven throughout the course to instil in students a critical understanding of operating as ethical leaders in international business environments.

The MSc International Business Management programme has been designed to enhance academic knowledge and foster the career development of its graduates. It caters to individuals from all educational backgrounds who are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of international business leadership, aspire to start their own ventures, or seek to transition from specialised roles to.

**This course is subject to validation for September 2024**

The MSc International Business Management is a forward-thinking programme designed for early-career professionals aiming to excel in the global business arena. This programme equips you with the essential skills and knowledge to make an immediate impact and drive long-term success in dynamic and competitive markets. Focused on fostering leaders capable of managing cross-cultural teams and projects, it is particularly suited for those looking to thrive in international organisations.

Our curriculum is grounded in the principles of responsible management, echoing the values of PRME. It offers a blend of academic rigor and practical application, preparing students to face the challenges of international business with strategic decision-making skills and a commitment to ethical leadership. The programme emphasizes three core themes: responsible leadership, career enhancement, and sustainable international business development, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of managerial functions across cultures.

Through a mix of classroom learning, independent study, and projects, students will develop critical thinking, creativity, and the ability to navigate complex business environments. The course culminates in a research project, allowing for deeper exploration of sustainable and responsible business practices. The programme will support career advancement and prepare you to be a leader in shaping the future of global business.


Graduates of the MSc International Business Management programme will acquire insights into the global business environment and international business practices. They will develop an understanding of international trade, cross-cultural management, and global marketing strategies, enabling them to navigate and operate effectively in diverse international markets. Skills in market analysis, strategy development, and communication will be emphasised, preparing graduates to engage and collaborate with professionals from different cultural backgrounds and business contexts. The applied focus of the assessments will foster their ability to devise and implement international business strategies that are responsive to the global market dynamics and cultural nuances. The final research dissertation will equip graduates with the necessary research skills to investigate international business trends and issues critically and to contribute to the development of international business knowledge and practice. The global and practical perspective gained from the programme will position graduates to pursue advanced career opportunities in international business management.

A wide and innovative range of assessment methods will be used including both individual and group-based assessments allowing students to foster independent learning skills alongside team working, collaboration and leadership skills. Authentic assessments and applied projects are used throughout with a real-world focus. Students will be expected to deliver business reports, verbal presentations, case study analysis and engage in reflective practice. The MSc will include a research-based dissertation.

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