September 2025

MBA Master of Business Administration

Master's Degree, Postgraduate, September 2025

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The MBA is an ‘early career’ leadership and management programme, designed to equip students with the concepts, techniques and skills required to thrive in their future career – able to make both an immediate impact (through the knowledge and skills that they develop) and a long-term difference (through gained strategic insights and opportunities for personal reflection) to the organisations that they join or create.  The programme will help develop students who are able to work in highly competitive, dynamic, and volatile markets and support organisations to evolve to meet these external challenges, effectively leading and managing cross-cultural teams and projects.

Our MBA programme has been designed to enhance academic knowledge and foster the career development of its graduates. It caters to individuals from all educational backgrounds who are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of business leadership, aspire to start their own ventures, or seek to transition from specialised roles to management.

Our MBA programme is rooted in the belief that management education should provide a comprehensive introduction to various facets of managerial functions. Central to our programme are three key themes: responsible leadership and management, global career enhancement and sustainable business development, which shape the curriculum and students’ overall experience.

The MBA programme delves into strategic management decision-making, emphasising the integrative nature of factors involved in developing well-rounded international business leaders. Skill development, both in management and personal capacities, is at the heart of our course design and educational approach, as students explore core concepts within a multicultural and global framework.  Sustainability, ethical and responsible business practices are interwoven throughout the course to instil in students a critical understanding of operating as ethical leaders in business environments.


**This course is subject to validation for September 2024**

  • Provide a challenging and relevant learning experience that allows participants to develop a critical understanding of theoretical business and management concepts and their practical applications.
  • Enhance students’ comprehension of the complexities and dynamics of international business and management, fostering critical awareness of contemporary organisational issues and challenges.
  • Offer students the opportunity to focus on specific aspects of business and management relevant to their backgrounds, cultures, interests, and career goals, culminating in a live consultancy project.
  • Develop and demonstrate students’ intellectual skills, including information processing, analysis, synthesis, critical thinking, creativity, innovation, and the ability to make decisions in ambiguous and uncertain situations.
  • Promote cross-cultural awareness and understanding by working within diverse student groups and studying effective management across cultures.
  • Equip aspiring managers with the knowledge, skills, and attributes needed to excel in future organisational settings.
  • Produce managers capable of enhancing the quality of decision-making, leadership, and business management practices across various organisations and contexts.
  • Foster a critical examination of sustainable management, including an exploration of sustainability’s conceptual foundations and diverse organisational responses to sustainable and responsible business practices.

The programme has a multifaceted curriculum, marked by its fusion of theoretical insights, practical applications and real-world business problem solving. The programme is tailored to instil a comprehensive understanding of business dynamics, fostering analytical, leadership, and decision-making skills crucial for navigating the complexities of the international business world. The programme will propel graduates’ career prospects and open doors to higher earning potential and diversified career paths.


Graduates of the MBA programme will acquire a multifaceted understanding of business management principles, strategic analysis, and leadership. They will gain comprehensive knowledge of various business domains including marketing, finance, human resources, and operations, learning to integrate these areas effectively to make well-informed business decisions. Skills in critical thinking, strategic planning, and effective communication will be honed, enabling graduates to articulate and implement innovative business strategies. The real-world focus of the assessments and the live consultancy project will enhance their problem-solving and analytical skills, allowing them to address complex business challenges pragmatically. The emphasis on responsible business leadership and collaboration will prepare graduates to lead teams and projects effectively, fostering a positive organisational culture and driving business success. By the completion of the programme, graduates will possess the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to excel in leadership roles across a range of industries and sectors.

A wide and innovative range of assessment methods will be used including both individual and group-based assessments allowing students to foster independent learning skills alongside team working, collaboration and leadership skills. Authentic assessments and applied projects are used throughout with a real-world focus. Students will be expected to deliver business reports, verbal presentations, case study analysis and engage in reflective practice. The MBA will include a live consultancy project.


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