Training for School Based Leads and School Based Tutors

Newman University offer training that provides consistency, quality and coherence for School-Based Leads and Tutors (SBLs and SBTs) in mentoring and coaching within ITTE. The training will cover:

  • induction;
  • training on specific areas relating to assessment;
  • coaching and mentoring;
  • moderation;
  • standardising quality processes; and
  • updating on developments in ITTE.

Training Dates

View the PGCE School Direct 2022-2023 mentor information and evaluation dates

All pre-recorded videos are sent to the alliance leads as well as all school mentors of our host schools. The videos are short and succinct as we are very much aware of the demands of teaching on our SBLs and SBTs.

Our expectations are that our SBLs and SBTs gain access to and watch the pre-recorded videos prior to attending Question and Answer sessions with any questions or queries that they may have.

All question and answer sessions are conducted over Teams after school.


Mentoring Principles

Use this link if you wish to view the pre-recorded information session on Mentoring Principles in relation to hosting of PGCE stage 1 (Core and School Direct)


Mentoring Training

Use this link if you wish to view the recording of the Mentor Training providing further information on the placement process and the school experience documentation in relation to hosting of PGCE stage 1 (Core and School Direct). This training session took place via Zoom on Monday 11th October 2021 (4.30pm to 5.30pm):


The following links will be useful resources for supporting the mentoring of our trainees:



Support Plan and Cause for Concern Procedures

Primary Support and Cause for Concern Action Plan


View the Mentor information and course evaluation dates document