Disability and mental health services: Application and Admission

Disability and mental health services: Application and Admission

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Newman University welcomes all applicants.

When you apply for a course at Newman University we encourage you to tell us about any disability, health issue or specific learning difference,  on your UCAS application so that we can ask you about any reasonable adjustments or arrangements you may need in your studies.   When you do so, our admissions staff will send you a link to a brief on-line questionnaire asking about any arrangements you need. This form includes a link to a consent to share form, so we can obtain your agreement to share information about support arrangements with your tutors and other relevant university departments. These documents are automatically sent to our disability advisers who may contact you about any arrangements you have said you may need.

If you need particular arrangements for attending an interview, please contact Admissions.

AdvanceHE have produced a guide for applicants who are applying to undergraduate courses which you might find useful. Access the guide.

Disabled Students Allowance (DSA)

We strongly advise yo to apply for Disabled Students Allowance (DSA)  before starting your course. DSA is assessed on an individual basis and, depending on need, can pay for specialist software, equipment or personal support to help address some of the study difficulties created by a disability, health issue or learning difference.

If you are applying for a full time undergraduate course you can normally apply from February onwards, when you apply for your Student Finance.

For part time and postgraduate students application normally opens later in the year – usually around June.

Disability and mental health services: starting at Newman

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