Starting at Newman (Support from Disability and Mental Health Services)

Starting at Newman (Support from Disability and Mental Health Services)

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Last Updated: February 20th 2019

Starting at University can be a stressful time for all students. The first week can be very confusing, with new people to meet, finding your way around the campus, enrolling on your course, and moving into accommodation.

During freshers’ week, student guides (Guardian Angels) are available to help groups of new students with the enrolment process and to find your way around the campus. For further information please contact Margaret Holland, the University Chaplain.

If you are anxious about starting your course members of Disability and Mental Health services would be very happy to meet with you before you start, to talk through any concerns. This might particularly apply to you if you have Asperger’s Syndrome, ADD/ADHD or mental health difficulties, such as depression, anxiety disorders or Bi polar affective disorder.  You might also want to apply for the Head Start programme, which starts the first week in September, and gives students a chance to learn about University in a smaller group, prior to fresher’s week.  For information about how to apply for the Head Start programme please see the main Newman webpages.

Prior to induction all new students are asked to complete a personal learning profile (PLP), on-line, to help you to identify your individual learning needs.  The PLP gives you a second opportunity to disclose a disability, mental or physical health condition or learning difficulty if you have not disclosed this through through the application process. This information will be passed to Disability and Mental Health services, and someone will contact you to find out more about any arrangements you may need and advise you of assistance which is available.

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