Regulations and Policies Relating to Students

Regulations and Policies Relating to Students

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Last Updated: June 18th 2024

Please note that some policies are available via the Intranet which will require you to log in using your student or staff login.

The University has a range of policies and procedures related to student services, including:

General Academic Regulations

Access and Participation Plan

Accommodation Information and Accommodation Handbook

Admissions Policy

Appeals Procedures – these are usually found within the relevant procedure documents

Attendance and Engagement Policy

Data Protection Information

Debt Management Policy

Dignity at Study Policy and Procedures

Fitness to Practise

Fitness to Study

Policy on Audio Recording of Lectures

Safeguarding Policy

Student Compensation and Refund Policy

Student Complaint Procedure

Student Disciplinary Procedures

Student Protection Plan

Students Under the Age of 18 Years on Entry Policy

Turnitin Policy

University Course Closure Policy

If you are a current student or staff member and you cannot see a policy that you are looking for, please log into the intranet and use the search function. To make an enquiry about a particular policy, please contact the area responsible for the policy. For general policy enquiries please contact the Vice Chancellor’s Office. 

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