Minutes of Council and Committee Meetings

Minutes of Council and Committee Meetings

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Last Updated: March 10th 2020

Minutes of the University Council meetings are attached below

Council November 2019

AGM November 2019

EGM October 2019

Council July 2019

Council June 2019

Council April 2019

Council February 2019

Council November 2018

AGM November 2018

Council October 2018

Council September 2018

Council August 2018

Council June 2018

Council February 2018


Minutes of the Finance and General Purposes Committee meetings are attached below

FGPC January 2019

FGPC September 2018

FGPC March 2019

FGPC February 2019

FGPC January 2019

FGPC November 2018

FGPC September 2018

FGPC May 2018

FGPC January 2018


Minutes of the Audit Committee are attached below

Audit November 2019

Audit June 2019

Audit February 2019

Audit November 2018

Audit June 2018

Audit February 2018


Minutes of the Nominations and Governance Committee are attached below

N&GC January 2020

N&GC October 2019

N&GC May 2019

N&GC March 2019

N&GC January 2019

N&GC October 2018

N&GC September 2018

N&GC May 2018

N&GC January 2018


Historical minutes are archived; please contact the Policy and Governance Co-ordinator, Marnie Davis Wood (m.daviswood@newman.ac.uk) should you wish to see a copy of these.

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