The Newman Research Centre for the Bible and its Reception was established in 2009 as a focus for the University’s research and teaching strengths in biblical studies. It engages with the academic study of the Jewish and Christian Bible, its later reception (in art, music, literature and culture), and its relevance to contemporary society. The primary research interests of the Centre’s staff include:

  • The bible in art and visual culture and other aspects of the study of the reception of the bible
  • Early Jewish and early Christian exegesis of the bible and study of its early textual forms
  • Literary, cultural, political and postcolonial readings of the bible

The multi-cultural nature of the West Midlands region in which we are situated and the extent of shared content between the sacred texts of three of the world’s major religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) enable the Centre to draw on the academic study of scriptural texts and their interpretation and reception in various media from within all three faith traditions.


Postgraduate Research Supervision

We welcome informal enquiries from students interested in undertaking postgraduate research study (for qualifications including MPhil or PhD) in areas of biblical study closely linked to the research interests of the staff of the Newman Research Centre for the Bible and its Reception especially:

  • Use of the Old Testament in the New Testament
  • Early Jewish biblical interpretation
  • Early Christian and patristic biblical interpretation
  • Septuagint Studies
  • Reception of biblical texts and themes in art, literature and culture

Current and recently completed PhD projects include:

  • Old Testament Quotations in Hebrews
  • The Containment Motif in the Gospel of Mark
  • Renarrated Scriptural Narratives in the Letter to the Hebrews
  • Textual Traditions in Early Manuscripts of John’s Gospel

Initial enquiries should be directed to: