Disability Policy

Policy Statement
The Governors, Principal and senior management of Newman University  are committed to promoting equality of opportunity and full participation for disabled applicants, staff and students. Disabled people have the right to equal access to courses, jobs, promotion and facilities offered through the University and an equal opportunity to work and learn and receive reasonable resources and adjustments to cater for their needs. 

The University has developed a Disability Equality Scheme and Action Plan and is working pro-actively to identify and eliminate all forms of disability discrimination and to continually improve services to ensure an inclusive environment. The institution is committed to developing training and guidance for staff to promote sensitivity and awareness of disability issues. The University is also committed to providing equal access and reasonable adjustments for disabled people in order to increase their opportunities. 

Newman University recognises the value of a diverse staff and student population and will provide equality of opportunity for all disabled students and staff by: 

  • Taking effective action to prevent discrimination, bullying or harassment 
  • Promoting equality of access for all staff to education, training and development
  • Providing flexible learning and working opportunities to support differing aspirations and goals 
  • Promoting good practice in all activities such as recruitment, selection, promotion and curriculum practices 
  • Listening to and involving disabled staff and students in the development of services 

This policy should also be read in conjunction with Newman University’s Equality and Diversity Policy.

Please download the full Disability Policy below:


pdf  Disability Policy
Last updated: 03 October 2017

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