Student Resources

"With three floors of endless books, guides and facilities, the new library has become an asset to every student studying at Newman University."
Aysha Begum – Primary and Secondary ICT student

We have a number of resources that you may want to take advantage of during your time at Newman, including:


For many students, living in Halls of Residence is an essential part of the University experience. It often marks students’ first experience of independence and allows for the development of lifelong friendships. Newman has 213 single study bedrooms in Halls on-campus. Many of our Halls have been recently upgraded and rooms are fully furnished.


Newman uses a virtual learning environment called Moodle to support full-time, part-time and distance learning student in their studies. Lecturers can post lecture notes, set up electronic discussion forums and display interactive activities. This resource can only be accessed by current students.

IT Services

Students have free access to the Newman network. The majority of networked PC's are Intel Pentium core 2 Duo devices. We provide students with access to a variety of applications, including e-mail, the Internet and world wide communications and other specialist software. A range of packages are available, including a high percentage of Microsoft applications. We also support many varieties of printers, CD-ROM facilities, scanners, digital cameras, CD writers, interactive whiteboards and interfaces for micro-electronic control technology.


With 100,000 books, over 300 journal subscriptions, access to online databases and networked resources, the recently enlarged Newman Library and Student Support Centre (LASSC) will support your study throughout your course. Our experienced and helpful staff will enable you to locate the information you need and make the most of the resources. In order to help you become independent learners, you will have the opportunity to take part in information skills sessions to develop the skills necessary in this information age. 

To support the particular requirements of the Initial Teacher Training programmes, students benefit from an extensive collection of school based resources, including children’s literature, multimedia and audio-visual materials. For the research community, the LASSC houses "special collections" relating to John Henry Newman and the local history of the West Midlands.

Additional invaluable facilities provided in the LASSC include private and group study areas, a significant number of open-access PCs, an IT training suite, self-access photocopiers, and audio-visual viewing and listening areas.

Finally, as a student in Birmingham, you can benefit from access arrangements with other academic libraries as well as being able to use Birmingham Central Library - reputed to be the busiest public library in Europe. 

Study and Work Placements Abroad

At Newman we believe offering students an international dimension to their studies is important to their personal, academic and professional development. Students are able to study or work abroad as part of their course in Europe and further afield in places like The Gambia and India. There are new exciting opportunities arising all the time through the Erasmus programme and links worldwide.

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