September 2025

BSc (Hons) Business Management

Honours Degree, Undergraduate, September 2025

Key Details

  • N120 Course Code
  • 3 Years
  • 112 or equivalent Typical UCAS Tariff

A business management degree is a wonderful choice for a first degree. Business underpins every industry and business in the world, from healthcare, education, private business or charity, all organisations use the same business principles to be successful.

This course provides you with a solid foundation in key business concepts and a broad range of transferrable skills, preparing you to work in diverse environments and giving you a strong foundation for exciting career paths in management.

Versatility and Employability: Business management equips you with a broad set of skills applicable across various industries and sectors. From leadership and strategic planning to operations management and marketing, graduates are prepared for diverse career paths, making them highly sought after by employers.

Understanding of Business Fundamentals: This course provides a comprehensive understanding of core business principles, including finance, accounting, human resources, and organizational behaviour. Such knowledge forms the foundation for making informed decisions, solving complex problems, and driving innovation within organizations.

Career Advancement Opportunities: A BSc (Hons) in Business Management from Birmingham Newman University opens doors to numerous career advancement opportunities. Whether aspiring to climb the corporate ladder, start a business venture, or pursue further education, graduates have the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their chosen paths

Professional Confidence – Through interactive learning experiences and practical exercises, students develop the confidence to navigate professional environments. Role-playing scenarios, presentations, and networking opportunities help build self-assurance and effective communication skills.

Problem Solving – Our curriculum emphasizes analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students tackle real-world case studies, engage in group projects, and participate in simulations to develop the ability to identify, analyse, and solve complex business challenges

Strategic Thinking – Modules such as Strategic Management foster strategic thinking by exploring industry trends, competitive dynamics, and long-term planning. Students learn to formulate and execute strategic initiatives aligned with organizational goals and market demands

Critical Thinking – Critical thinking is honed through rigorous analysis of business concepts, theories, and practices. Students evaluate diverse perspectives, assess evidence, and construct logical arguments to make informed decisions and solve problems effectively.

Business Acumen – Our program cultivates a deep understanding of business principles, practices, and contexts. Through courses in finance, marketing, operations, and management, students develop the business acumen necessary to interpret financial data, assess market opportunities, and drive organizational success.

Reflective Skills for Professional Development – Reflective practice is integrated throughout the curriculum to promote continuous learning and personal development. Through journaling, self-assessments, and guided reflections, students gain insights into their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for growth, enhancing their ability to adapt and thrive in dynamic environments.

9-12 hours of contact time supported with independent and directed study

Course work, reports presentations , posters , digital artefacts. Debates case study analysis.

The assessments are designed to evaluate not only academic knowledge but also practical skills and competencies that are directly relevant to real-world employment scenarios. This focus on employability ensures you graduate equipped to make an immediate impact in your chosen career path.

Students can progress onto Birmingham Newman Universities early career MBA, or our MSc International Business.

Graduates have moved into careers across all industries and sectors, with a number of students successfully starting their own businesses also.

Birmingham Newman University is located in Britain’s second city – Birmingham. With one of the youngest city populations in Europe, it is a vibrant and dynamic place to study.

Studying at Newman University, you have the advantage of being near to the city, but living in, or commuting to peaceful and comfortable surroundings on campus.

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Birmingham has lots of wonderful places to dine out with a range of different cuisines. Places where you can dine out include; Brindley Place, Mailbox and Hagley Road (just 10 minutes’ from Newman).


Whether you like to go to; the theatre, gigs or clubs, or enjoy: sports, shopping visiting art galleries or exhibitions – Birmingham will not disappoint and you will be spoilt for choice!


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Entry Requirements

Minimum 112 UCAS points including a minimum of CC at A level or equivalent (e.g.MM at BTEC Diploma; MPP at BTEC Extended Diploma) towards the total tariff.

Access students can achieve the requirements with the following combination of Distinction, Merit and/ or Pass grades at level 3 achieved from a completed Access course.

The university accepts appropriate T Levels as part of the usual entry requirements.

A foundation degree (level 3) in Business or Accounting and Finance can also be considered to progress to L4 if the academic results from Level 3 demonstrates applicant’s academic excellence, and a foundation degree in subjects that are not directly in the areas of Business, Accounting and Finance can also be considered to progress to L4, if the academic results from Level 3 demonstrates applicant’s academic excellence (such applicants will be required to pass a pre-admission interview with the programme lead in attendance).

Mature applicants with relevant professional qualifications and working experience are considered for entry to the course via assessment by interview to determine their suitability to cope with the demands of the course; such applicants will be required to pass the pre-admission interview with the programme lead in attendance.

For applicants who are unsure that they will achieve the above UCAS tariff, Newman University offers DEGREE (with Foundation Year) which enables such applicants to access a university degree via a four-year route. Upon successful completion of their foundation year, students will progress to Year 1 of a named degree. Whilst not a condition of entry onto the Foundation Year, students wishing to follow particular named routes with additional entry requirements, will need to meet these requirements before they make the transition from their foundation year to year 1.

Direct Entry into Level 5

BTEC Higher National Diploma or other equivalent qualification comprising 120 credits at level 4 in Business Management (or equivalent titles).

Level 4 of a joint Honours Degree in Business and an appropriate component, and who have achieved average grades of 60 per cent or above from a recognised Higher Education Institution.

A suitable Diploma of HE can also be considered if they have a total of 240 credits at levels 4 and 5 in a relevant subject.

Direct Entry into Level 6

Relevant study in Business Management at L5 with an average grade of 60 per cent or above may be admitted to the top-up degree.

Students with advanced standing may also be admitted through Recognition of Prior (Experiential) Learning (RPeL) or Recognition of Prior (Certificated) Learning (RPL) processes, or through an approved articulation agreement.

This will be assessed based on individual cases, and mature applicants who have requisite prior learning and or relevant and current accounting and finance work experience may be considered for admission to the top-up degree.

The legitimate applicants should have more than two-year experience as apprentice in the industry.

This will be considered based on individual cases and interview may be organised, following successful application at the initial stage.

Applying Direct Option

You can apply direct to Birmingham Newman University for this course if you have not previously applied to Newman University through UCAS and you are not applying to any other universities.

Simply click on this Direct Application link.

N.B. will need to enter ‘New User’ account details when first accessing this portal.

Course Fees

The full-time course fee for September 2024 is £9,250 per year.

The University will review tuition fees and increase fees in line with any inflationary uplift as determined by the UK Government, if permitted by law or government policy, in subsequent years of your course. It is anticipated that such increases would be linked to RPI (the Retail Price Index excluding mortgage interest payments).

Additional Costs

Find out more about the other additional costs associated with our undergraduate degrees. 


  1. An Introduction to Management module is the foundation of providing you with essential knowledge and skills to understand the principles and practices of management thus laying the groundwork for success in the dynamic and ever-changing world of business.
  2. By highlighting the interdisciplinary nature of marketing, this module prepares you for future roles in marketing, entrepreneurship, management, and various other areas of business, laying the groundwork for your academic and professional development.
  3. This module will enable you to understand concepts such as motivation, perception, personality, and attitudes and gain insight into the underlying factors including organisational culture in influencing and shaping employee behaviour.
  4. In this module, you will delve into the fundamental aspects of financial management which is essential for optimising organisational performance and efficient allocation of financial resources in business operations and projects.
  5. This exciting module starts you off in your career, as the cornerstone for the first year of the degree, you will build your own career action plan, and build the skills for complete self-management and development of your own career.
  1. This module will enable you to explore the entrepreneurial mindset and develop the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary to drive and sustain innovation in today's dynamic and competitive environment.
  2. This module will enable you to explore the intricate landscape of digital marketing strategies and content production in today's digital-first world.
  3. This dynamic module will equip you with the essential tools and insights needed to drive and influence the transformation towards sustainability in the business landscape.
  4. This module will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to the principles and practices of project management within the context of business operations.
  5. This year long module builds on the skills developed in the Personal Development module in the first year of study. While continuing to manage your own development, this module focuses students on the operational running of a business, ensuring that students can balance business needs and personal development needs for mutual success.
  1. This module is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the contemporary challenges and opportunities facing businesses in the current competitive landscape, enabling you to navigate uncertainty and develop your future career as an effective leader, innovator, and change agent in the face of evolving challenges and opportunities.
  2. This module will enable you to appreciate the principles and concepts that underpin the successful management of operations and service delivery in offering products and services in any organisational setting.
  3. This final year module builds upon the your foundational knowledge and skills developed in previous modules, integrating strategic thinking, leadership development, and personalised academic coaching to prepare you for future career success in dynamic and competitive business environments.
  4. This module represents the pinnacle of your academic journey This transformative module prepares you to address complex business challenges integrating advanced project management techniques with rigorous research methods with a focus on sustainability, innovation, and ethical decision-making.
  5. The Relationship Marketing module is designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the principles and practices that foster long-term customer relationships and enhance customer loyalty. This advanced module builds on foundational marketing knowledge, emphasising the strategic importance of creating and maintaining strong customer connections in today's competitive business environment.
  6. This Talent Management module provides final-year undergraduate students with a comprehensive understanding of the strategies and practices essential for attracting, developing, and retaining top talent within organisations. The course begins by introducing fundamental concepts and key components of talent management, such as recruitment, development, retention, and succession planning. Students will explore the pivotal role of talent management in achieving organisational goals and sustaining competitive advantage.
  7. The Relationship Marketing module is designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the principles and practices that foster long-term customer relationships and enhance customer loyalty. This advanced module builds on foundational marketing knowledge, emphasising the strategic importance of creating and maintaining strong customer connections in today's competitive business environment.