What we spend and how we spend it

What we spend and how we spend it

This section covers information on Newman University’s financial resources, including financial information relating to actual income and expenditure, procurement, contracts and financial audit. The accounts for Newman University’s wholly-owned subsidiary undertakings, Newman Firmtrust Limited are available separately.

Funding and Income:

Financial Statements, Budgets and Variance Reports:

Financial Audit Reports:

Capital Programme: 

Financial Regulations and Procedures: 

  • Financial Regulations – The Financial Regulations of the University apply equally to all the activities of the University, regardless of the funding source or any other form of monetary consideration. The Board of Governors is responsible for ensuring that the University has sound systems of internal financial and management control. The University must also adhere to the OfS (Office for Students) Audit Code of Practice as a condition of receiving grant from OfS. The Financial Regulations of the University form part of this overall system of control and accountability. More information about OfS is available via its website.
  • Our Ethical Investment Policy can be found on the Policies for Conducting University Business webpage.

Staff Allowances and Expenses:

Staff Pay and Grading Structures:

  • Staff pay and grading structure – please note that this document does not show the pay and grading of senior staff, this is available via the Information Governance Manager.
  • Information on Senior Staff pay over £100,000 is found in the Annual Financial Statements.
  • Information on the ‘pay multiple’ – the ratio the ratio between the highest paid salary and the median average salary of the whole of the workforce is found in the Annual Financial Statements.
  • Information on the pay of the Vice Chancellor is included in the Annual Accounts (available via the Charity Commission website).
  • The total allowances and expenses paid to senior staff members (i.e. Council Members) is stated in section 5 of Notes to the Financial Statements of the Annual Financial Statements.

Register of Suppliers:

  • The University is compiling a Register of Suppliers/Successful Tenders

Procurement and Tender Procedures and Reports: 


  • The University is compiling a database of contracts.

Research Funding:

For information not accessible via the Newman website, please contact

Contact: Information Governance Manager
Tel: 0121 387 4567
Email: foi@newman.ac.uk 

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