Training bursary award and eligibility

Eligible ITT subjects set out the training bursary rates for courses starting in the 2022 to 2023 academic year.

Training bursary awards are fixed for the duration of the trainee’s ITT programme and are not affected by the length of training.


The training bursary awarded is dependent on the:

  • subject that a trainee trains to teach – not the subject of their degree or academic qualification
  • grade of their highest academic qualification


If a trainee with a first-class degree in biology trains to teach physics, they will be eligible for a £24,000 physics bursary. If they train to teach biology, they will be eligible for a £10,000 biology bursary.

This must not change your selection or recruitment process, including making judgements about the suitability of an applicant’s degree and other subject knowledge for the subject in which they will train.

Holding one of the following qualifications may mean a trainee is eligible for a bursary:

  • first class, upper second-class or lower second-class undergraduate honours degree
  • master’s degree
  • doctoral degree
  • medical master’s degree (distinction)
  • aegrotat (unclassified) honours degree

There is no bursary available for awards below a lower second-class undergraduate degree.

Further information about the assessment of UK academic, professional or overseas qualifications is provided in:

Eligible ITT subjects

Scholarships and training bursaries are available in the following subjects. This is only applicable for post graduate ITT.

Subject Scholarship Bursary
Physics £26,000 £24,000
Mathematics £26,000 £24,000
Computing £26,000 £24,000
Chemistry £26,000 £24,000

Trainees cannot receive both the scholarship and training bursary.

Bursaries are also available in the following subjects.

Subject Bursary
Design and Technology (including engineering and food technology) £15,000
Geography £15,000
Languages (including ancient languages) £15,000
Biology £10,000

A full breakdown of eligible subjects can be found in Annex A: list of subjects eligible for a bursary.

Read the full bursary information on the Government website.

Other bursaries and scholarships

Undergraduate bursary

A training bursary for final year undergraduates of £9,000 is available for trainees on secondary mathematics and physics courses that lead to qualified teacher status (QTS). Find out more here.

Troops to Teachers undergraduate bursary

A training bursary worth £40,000 is available for undergraduate veterans who have left full-time employment from the:

  • British Army
  • Royal Air Force
  • Royal Navy

Find out more here.

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