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Secondary PGCE Teacher Training

Postgraduate, PGCE Secondary with QTS, September 2024

PGCE applications for courses starting in September 2024 are made via the Department for Education - Apply website, the application portal opened on the 10th of October 2023. It is highly recommended that applications are submitted as early as possible. When looking for Birmingham Newman University courses, please use the filter for a university using N36 or Birmingham Newman University.

The Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) is accepted across the UK and internationally.

This course will equip you with the skills to teach secondary school students across the 11-16 age range with additional post 16 enhancement.

The PGCE course provides centre-based and placement-based learning and practice opportunities. Our curriculum, which incorporates the ITT Core Content framework, provides our trainees with a robust training year preparing them for their transition to become an Early Career Teacher. During the year, you will gain experience of teaching in at least two secondary schools.

For applicants who are deemed not to have the required minimum standard of subject knowledge, there is a Subject Knowledge Enhancement course which you may be required to take.


N.B. PGCE Secondary is applied for via DfE Apply, please use the appropriate course code when applying.

PGCE Secondary Art & Design


Full-time: Q224  Part-Time E953


PGCE Secondary Biology

Science remains one of the most exciting and cutting-edge subjects taught in schools. It inspires young people to understand the world around them and gain the skills to challenge the information that they are presented with in everyday life.

Biology includes understanding the building blocks of all life on our planet. A Biology PGCE provides you with the tools to help children understand their own bodies, investigate the living world around them and explore the frontiers of medical discoveries.


Full-time: 2QGP  Part-Time P747


PGCE Secondary Chemistry

Science remains one of the most exciting and cutting-edge subjects taught in schools. It inspires young people to understand the world around them and gain the skills to challenge the information that they are presented with in everyday life.

Chemistry includes seeing the world in a new way, in terms of the atoms that make up everything and the chemical reactions between them. A Chemistry PGCE provides you with the tools to help children understand the everyday world around them from how to get petrol for the family car to how the battery works in their mobile phone.


Full-time: 2QGQ  Part-Time K533


PGCE Secondary Computing

Computing is one of the fastest growing subjects at A level and there is an increasing trend of pupils taking GCSE Computing, there has never been a better time to secure your future as a Computing teacher in the secondary phase.

Our course provides opportunities for you to deepen your existing skills and develop others so that you are classroom ready. We work with external experts, such as the National Centre for Computer Education [NCCE] who provide a focus for subject revision between school placements, and we are part of a Computing for Schools Hub [CAS Hub] within the Birmingham Southwest community.


Full-time: IX99  Part-Time: M631


PGCE Secondary Drama

At its core, drama is about exploring who we are in the world around us. Now more than ever,  as pupils are experiencing mental health crises and anxiety about global issues, we need passionate, enthusiastic drama teachers who are able to provide safe, inclusive environments where all pupils are able to explore who they are and how they fit into the world around them.

We will examine the nature and role of drama in schools through practical exploration and collaborative, interactive teaching. Birmingham Newman trained Secondary drama teachers will develop their personal philosophy for the role of drama as an academic subject and its wider role within the school community whilst also exploring and developing their own teacher identity. Critically examining teaching and learning from the perspective of the learner and the teacher will build confidence and knowledge of the most effective classroom methods whilst also enhancing subject knowledge.


Full-time: U853  Part-Time: P950


PGCE Secondary English

English is an essential subject. English teachers provide children and young people with a voice and introduce them to the power of words. Through their teacher, pupils have the opportunity to develop their own language skills and a passion for literature. Working with some of the best texts ever written, English teachers open the door for a child or young person to develop a lifelong love of reading. English is a high priority subject within the curriculum and is a shortage subject. Our secondary ITE English course has an established reputation in the West Midlands. The course has been successfully and continuously running for decades. This means that there are generations of teachers and heads of department in English departments throughout the region. They know the university and because we have always specialised in care for students, are positive towards a trainee who comes into their school.


Full-time: Q3X1  Part-Time Y427


PGCE Secondary Geography

If you have studied Geography, you will know that it is the most dynamic and engaging subject in the curriculum. As a Geography teacher you will have the chance to inspire the next generation of geographers. As a trainee at Birmingham Newman University, you will learn what it means to ‘think geographically’ and how to engage learners in exploring the key issues in the subject. We will also show you how to plan and deliver geography outside the classroom.

The course has been carefully designed to provide you with the skills needed to be the best teacher that you can be.  It is informed by current developments in the discipline, feedback from students, external examiners and schools, and supported by current research into best practice.


Full-time: 3D3B  Part-Time C407


PGCE Secondary History

History at its core is the study of the past, but we teach it for more than simply the set of facts and details. George Santayana said ‘Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it’; the National Curriculum says that ‘…history education will help pupils gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world’. Whilst we do teach about what happened, we also want people to think about how those events have an impact on the world today. It’s also fascinating to learn about what unites us with peoples from throughout human history and to learn about all the things that make us who we are.

As well as taught sessions, our curriculum includes opportunities to work in a cross-curricular way with colleagues and trainees in other subject areas. We also engage with externals experts on topics such as the British Values and the Holocaust to broaden our understanding of these issues and how we can develop that understanding in others through our teaching. We also look to engage with opportunities for off-site visits, both to learn about how they can be useful and to gain the experiences ourselves.


Full-time:3CQQ  Part-Time Q273


PGCE Secondary Mathematics

Mathematics is a key subject in secondary schools. It is not just formulas or solving equations, but a facilitating subject, critical to science, technology and engineering. As a teacher, you will be at the forefront to make mathematics exciting and accessible to all. Additionally, Maths teachers allow pupils to comprehend its beauty, relevance and importance to real life and other contexts.

As a trainee you will learn how to teach Mathematics to pupils in the 11–16 age range within the secondary age phase, with additional primary and post-16 enhancements. You will learn how to develop skills, knowledge and understanding for teaching Mathematics through a combination of university-led and school-led training, to understand the complexity of teaching mathematics at secondary level, as well as pupils being encouraged to learn mathematics from many layers and facets.


Full-time:G1X1  Part-Time A058


PGCE Secondary Physical Education

You will hopefully remember PE lessons when you were at school and what inspired you to enjoy the subject. Physical Education is one of the most dynamic and engaging subjects in the curriculum, and by becoming a PE teacher you will have the chance to inspire the next generation. Birmingham Newman University has more than 50 years’ experience of training teachers to be excellent classroom practitioners; strong relationships with schools throughout the West Midlands ensures high quality education and placement opportunities.

You will understand what it means to ‘think physically’ and how you can engage learners in exploring the different activities within the PE curriculum. You will understand what it means to be an effective PE teacher, planning for effective learning and embedding key concepts and knowledge into interesting, engaging and, above all, active lessons. Alongside university based sessions and classroom practice, you’ll benefit from a range of visits to local activity specific providers as well as input from National Governing Bodies.


Full-time:X9C6  Part-Time C744


PGCE Secondary Physics

Science remains one of the most exciting and cutting-edge subjects taught in schools. It inspires young people to understand the world around them and gain the skills to challenge the information that they are presented with in everyday life.

Physics includes the fundamentals of how the universe works, from the smallest subatomic particle to the largest structures that constitute our universe.  A Physics PGCE provides you with the tools you need to inspire children to love how everything from a solar system to a games console works.

Full-time: 2QGR  Part-Time L072


PGCE Secondary Religious Education

If you are passionate about preparing the next generation through creative and high-quality Secondary Religious Education (RE), this course is for you. Our PGCE in Secondary Religious Education aims to provide students with a breadth of understanding across world faiths in order to develop outstanding RE teachers.

Working alongside RE specialists, you will have the opportunity to develop your skills within a real-world setting, selected from a range of schools. Your subject knowledge will develop over the year through subject sessions, visits to places of worship, and via external experts from religious and charitable organisations. Birmingham Newman University develops successful RE teachers many of whom go on to work in partner schools and become Heads of Department, developing long term careers as RE specialists. If you want to be a successful RE teacher within a supportive community, Newman University is the place to train.


Full-time: V6X1  Part-Time E357

At Newman University we work closely in partnership with SCITT partners to deliver the academic award of the Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) which is the most widely recognised UK post graduate award and is transferable.  It is accepted, across the UK and internationally, as an assurance that the candidate has achieved the high standard expected for entry to the teaching profession.

The course is designed to provoke thought, challenge assumptions and help develop you as a reflective practitioner of the subject, so that you can enter the teaching profession with clear educational priorities and the skills with which to achieve them. The academic taught content is aligned with SCITT delivery content.

Core Modules 

Module Title:  Developing Reflective Practice in *Subject (SGP760 – 30 credits)

Module Title:  Applying Reflective Practice in *Subject* (SGP761 – 30 credits)


If you are an experienced teacher, looking to achieve Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) the Faculty of Education offers professional accreditation.

Our Assessment-Only Route to QTS is available to teachers in the UK or abroad with more than two years of teaching experience, who have not undergone formal teacher training.

We offer two start dates, September or January to complete the 12 weeks for assessment, it is a flexible way to gain Qualified Teacher Status for Teachers who already meet the Teachers’ Standards (2012).

How it works

The route consists of three assessment processes:

  1. An assessment of your application.
  2. An Initial Assessment Day to judge whether you are likely to meet the National Teachers’ Standards within a maximum 12-week period without further training.
  3. A Final Assessment Day, within the 12-week period, to determine your success.

The initial assessment of candidates’ suitability to engage with this route is £900. This is a non-returnable assessment fee, but should the candidate be successful to proceed this will be deducted from the overall fee of £2,350, therefore the main stage of assessment is £1,450.

The Assessor will interview you, hold meetings with your line manager or mentor and conduct lesson observations. They will scrutinise your planning, marking, report writing and record of professional development.


Module Title:  Assessment Only e-Portfolio (SAP600)

The Department for Education has announced the financial incentives for ITT courses. You can find out more about this here.

The best people to ask about a teacher training course is those who have been through it. Here is a selection of just a few of the emails we have received over the years showing appreciation for the support received during their PGCE course.


“I studied PGCE Secondary Science with Biology at Newman University. Throughout my training year, the PGCE Science team consistently shared their pedagogical expertise and scientific knowledge, which I have been able to successfully apply to my teaching. My university-based mentor was nothing but supportive and was always on hand to guide me though any challenges I was experiencing during my school placements. Although my specialism is in Biology, Newman provided me with the opportunity to teach outside my specialism which has supported me in my transition from trainee teacher to ECT.

I am now a full time Science teacher at an Oftsed ‘Outstanding’ school and could not be more grateful to Newman University for helping me to become the confident and reflective practitioner I am today.”


“A big chunk of my success I believe is down to having a engaging and helpful tutor in Ben, he was always available when needed and helpful with whatever questions I had.” School Direct student, PGCE History


“Tutors showed ways to teach and develop our subject knowledge in a variety of key stages. They were supportive and had strong subject knowledge.” Core student, PGCE History


“It feels good to have gained QTS and I will be drawing on much of your insightful wisdom in the years to come”


“I want to thank you for your encouragement and support…it does matter and it is appreciated.”


One trainee sent a message to let us know how the course and job had changed her life.

“I just wanted to say hello and let you know about how much I am enjoying teaching. The fact that each day is a different day, and no two days are the same is just amazing. I am really enjoying teaching and I feel I definitely made the right career choice, as I have made a lot of progress. There have been some bumps in the road, but I would not change a thing.” 



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Entry Requirements

A UK Bachelors Degree (or recognised equivalent qualification) of which 50% content must be related to the named subject, and this will be a condition of any offer where the degree has not already been awarded.

GCSE English Language and Mathematics at grade 4 (or C) or above (or recognised equivalents). Please be aware that whilst these GCSEs are not mandatory at application point, these qualifications must be obtained by enrolment. See our page on additional GCSE Equivalency test information.

School experience is not a requirement for entry to the programme. However, having experience in a school will support your preparation for training as a teacher.

At interview you will be asked about any experiences that you have with school aged children and your understanding of teaching within your chosen age range. The quality and variety of your personal statement is an important factor in the decision to call you to interview.

You will need to obtain Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) clearance and meet the requirements for fitness to train to teach prior to starting the course and be assured against a set of fundamental maths and English skills by the end of your PGCE. For more information on your DBS application please visit the How do I complete my DBS form advice page.

For further information about the Interview Process see our PGCE Secondary ITE Interview page.

For full entry requirements please see our admission requirements page.


Subject Knowledge Enhancement
If your degree does not include enough of your subject of interest, or if you just need a refresher course, the Department for Education sponsors several Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) courses.


International Students
Newman University is not licenced by the UK Government to sponsor migrant students under the Student route and is therefore unable to accept applications from international students at present.

Course Fees

Full-time fee
The full-time course fee for September 2024 is £9,250.

Part-time fees
The fee is £9,250 which is the standard rate for postgraduate courses. This is divided between the two training years.


Additional Costs

A Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) is required for entry into this programme. Find out more about completing the DBS application form and the related additional costs that you will incur.


Additional Information

General Academic Regulations: Terms and Conditions for students attending our courses




For more information on the subject-specific modules, please email

Modules are subject to change.