Professor Stan Tucker

Research Interests

Emeritus Professor Tucker is leading an EU (Daphne) research project examining abuse, violence and human trafficking. Other research interests include educational mentoring and alternative educational responses for socially excluded young people. He has recently published a major study on why young people aren’t believed when they report abuse and neglect.


Professor Tucker has considerable expertise of teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He has taught and supervised PhD and EdD students. He lectures on modules covering research methodologies, the development of multi-professional education and the sociology of childhood. He has experience of creating and writing distance learning materials.

Membership of Professional Organisations

Professor Tucker holds visiting professorships at Edge Hill University and Lucian Blaga University, Sibiu, Romania. He is the Deputy Editor of Pastoral Care in Education and International Editor of Revista Sociologie. He is a founder member of the Childhood Studies Network and is a member of NAPCE.



 Prof. Stan Tucker

Professor Yahya Al-Nakeeb

Emeritus Professor Nakeeb was the Director of Research and Director of Graduate School at Newman. He undertook his postgraduate studies at the University of Birmingham gaining a Masters degree in 1975 and a PhD in 1979. He has over 30 years of lecturing experience at universities in the UK and overseas. He was the Head of Sports Studies 1997-2007 and was awarded the Fellowship of the Leadership Foundation in Higher Education in 2005 for his work on developing research and scholarship. He is an experienced QAA subject specialist reviewer and he has managed various research projects relating to young people’s health and wellbeing issues.

Research Interests

Current interests include: lifestyle and health habits of young people; assessment of physical activity; and developing research and scholarship. PhD supervision has included: physical activity of young people, psycho-physiological aspects of performance; environmental impact on lifestyle and health habits; physical exertion and skilled performance; and children’s physical activity, age, gender and ethnicity.

Membership of Professional Organisations

  • American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
  • British Association of Sport & Exercise Science (BASES)
  • European College of Sport Science (ECSS)

 Prof. Yahya Al-Nakeeb

Last updated: 17 July 2013