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Foundation Year Studies

Introductory Certificate in Counselling

Kathryn Broome – Course Lead

Welcome to the Introductory Certificate in Counselling. I am responsible for delivery and administration of the course and will be pleased to hear from you at any point during your studies. My email is: . You may occasionally see me during the teaching sessions but you will mostly deal with the teaching team (below). If you have any questions regarding the day to day running of your course (e.g. queries about assignments), please ask your tutor. If you have other concerns (e.g. regarding your ability to complete your programme of study), please get in touch with me. Your tutor is normally a good starting point and they will direct you to me if I am needed.

Welcome to your teaching team

Alice Stapleton will be the course tutor for Monday evenings COC400(A)

Stephanie Carr will be the course tutor for Wednesday evenings COC400(B)

Session Format

The evenings will consist of a whole group teaching session, covering some of the basic counselling theories and practice. Within this, there will be discussions, smaller group work and opportunities for self reflection. After break, you will be able to practice some counselling skills with your fellow students within small groups called triads. The course incorporates some assessed work. Your course tutor will discuss this further with you within class. You will, also, have a tutorial with your course tutor during the semester to see how you are getting on and to discuss any future plans, if you wish.

Recommended Reading

Newman University offers an award winning library which offers a vast array of books as well as virtual resources (e-books and research journals). These will be available to you once you have completed enrolment. Before then, if you wish to obtain a book for helpful background reading, the following are very helpful.

McLeod, J. (2019) An introduction to counselling and psychotherapy : theory, research and practice. 6th edn. London: McGraw-Hill/Open University Press.

Earlier editions (editions 4 and 5) are equally useful for this course.

Mearns, D., Thorne, B. and McLeod, J. (2013) Person-centred counselling in action. 4Th ed. / edn. London: SAGE

Edition 3 if this book is also useful.

You may also like to visit the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) online at British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy ( where you will find a wealth of resources and information on counselling as a career.

Welcome Meetings

We will be hosting two online ‘Welcome Meetings’ via Teams on 11th and 13th September 2023 at 6.30pm. Please find Teams links below.

Monday 11th September 2023 at 6.30pm

Click here to join the meeting Meeting ID: 382 472 286 981 Passcode: kBKSr2

Wednesday 13th September 2023 at 6.30pm

Click here to join the meeting Meeting ID: 380 573 773 70 Passcode: s4X7pV

Attendance is not compulsory. Everything that you need to know about the course, resources and the campus will be covered in the first session of the programme. The online ‘Welcome Meeting’ is an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about getting to the campus and finding your way to the correct building and room on day 1 of the course.

Welcome to Newman University and we wish you all the best as you start your Introductory Certificate in Counselling.

The MA Education team is comprised of highly experienced and research-active staff who are specialists in the range of pathways which we offer. As you know, when you choose a specific pathway, you will gained a Named Award on completion of your studies. We also have a designated administrator who will support your with relevant information throughout your MA / PG cert journey.

Our team works closely with Student Support services to ensure you gain a personalised experience on the programme; and we embed planning for declarations of individual learning needs. Personalised learning is key on this programme and this is showcased through our unique Named Award, with specialist professionals delivering on the range of pathways.


Education MA


For more information contact us using:

The programme lead is Sam Gallo

MSc Integrative Counselling


The staff who will working with you are:

1. Dr Faisal Mahmood – Head of Subject 2. Linda Luckhurst – Senior Lecturer / Programme lead (Combined Honours and Top Up) 3. Kathryn Broome – Lecturer / Module lead (Introductory Certificate in Counselling) 4. Dr James Sedgwick – Senior Lecturer / Programme lead (MSc p/t) 5. Karen Lee – Senior Lecturer 6. Cassie Rowland – Lecturer 7. Rebekah Woodhouse – Lecturer 8. Carl Flynn – Lecturer (PWP training) 9. Patti Wallace – Senior Lecturer 10. Dr Steve Roberts – Senior Lecturer / Programme lead (1st year FD and PWP training) 11. Emily Evans – Senior Lecturer/ Programme lead (2nd and 3rd year FD) 12. Dr Bill Naylor – Senior Lecturer/ Programme lead (Single Honours) 13. Sam Gallo – Senior Lecturer / Programme lead (Advanced Diploma and MSc f/t)

The modules you will be studying are:

CFM 781 PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE – Year long. Students will learn advanced counselling skills, understand case discussions, attend personal and professional development group.

CFM784- Research in Counselling- year long Learn about research methods and refine ideas in order to produce a dissertation.

CFM782 Theoretical perspectives in counselling (1) Semester 1 Explore the importance of the therapeutic relationship and gestalt therapy theory