Privacy Notice for Careers Registration

Privacy Notice for Careers Registration

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Last Updated: April 8th 2020

At Newman we respect the dignity and worth of each individual and this includes the way we treat personal information. This Privacy Notice is meant to help you understand what data we collect, why we collect it, what we do with it, how we keep your personal data safe, and your individual rights over your personal data.

Who are we?

Newman University (Genners Lane, Birmingham, B32 3NT) is the data controller and you are welcome to contact our Data Protection Officer by emailing or by post.

What type of personal data is collected?

When you take part in Careers registration you have the opportunity to provide us with the answers to career-specific questions. The legal basis for this is ‘legitimate interests’ (which means we need to process the personal information to fulfil our objectives; we believe it will not adversely affect you and we think you would expect it).

How will the personal information be used and how long is it kept?

We will use your personal information to:

  • send you an email with a link to information about the identified career pathway you are on as a result of your answers, which will give suggestions about ways you can move forward to secure graduate employment or a place on a postgraduate course in the future.
  • contact you to let you know about the services on offer to you that might be of benefit to you.
  • track employability through My Career to enable us to carry out targeted work to improve graduate outcomes.
  • help departments better understand their students’ careers needs and how they can work with the careers service and wider employability services to enhance the student experience and their graduate outcomes.
  • plan careers and employability services and provision on offer to best meet your needs and those of future students and graduates.
  • complete targeted work with groups of graduates.
  • involve you in collaborative projects with external organisations enhancing career development.

Any tracking done through My Career will adhere to the My Career Privacy Notice for Students / for Graduates.

Once processed, the University will delete this survey within 7 years after completion of your programme and data transferred across to My Career will be kept for 3 years after graduation in line with our My Career Privacy notice (for Students / for Graduates). External organisations who we work with on collaborative projects may keep your personal data for a longer period, in order to comply with contractual obligations. Contact if you require more information about this. When this time has been reached, the personal information is securely destroyed.

Who can access my personal data and will they share my personal data with anyone?

We only share your personal data with relevant Newman staff and with other organisations when relevant to a collaborative project. We also would share your personal data if we were to believe someone’s life was in danger or we believe we are compelled to by law. Hard copies of personal information are kept in a secure location and personal data stored electronically is on our secure IT network whose servers are located within the EU.

What rights do I have regarding my personal data?

Careers Registration captures a snapshot in time during enrolment each year. If things change and you want to let the careers service know, you need to contact the careers service to speak to a member of staff. You may have the right to have your personal information deleted, the right to restrict processing, the right to object and / or the right to data portability. Follow the links to find out whether those rights apply in these circumstances. To do any of those things or if you have followed the links but would like clarification please email

You have the right to see the personal data we hold about you. We recommend you use our online form. All information about how to request your data can be found on our dedicated web page. You can also contact our Data Protection Officer by email or by post Newman University, Genners Lane, Birmingham, B32 3NT.

Data protection law also gives you rights regarding ‘automated individual decision-making and profiling’. Careers Registration will not make any automated individual decision-making, however it will send you targeted information based on your answers to the questions. It is important you know that the careers service offer for graduates is available to all graduates regardless of their answers to the questions. Also on the web link we provide you will be able to access the pages for all the career pathways and can move forwards and backwards at any pace you like.

You have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioners Office about the handling of your personal data and can find out more about this on their website

Where can I get more information?

For any further questions about Careers Registration please contact the careers team:

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