Transformation West Midlands – Privacy Notice

Transformation West Midlands – Privacy Notice

Who are we?

Newman University, the University of Birmingham and University College Birmingham have won a grant from the Office for Students to help boost job opportunities for local graduates in the region. The project is called ‘Transformation West Midlands’ and we will work closely with key employers in the region to help them recruit locally and diversify their workforce.

Key to the project is improving the employment outcomes of students from disadvantaged backgrounds, particularly BAME students and those with disabilities. Findings will help identify what triggers the progression of individuals most in need of support.

The University of Birmingham is the lead partner and will report to the Office for Students and inform the HE sector on the outcomes of this project.

A number of activities, online resources and information (e.g. skills development training; networks, mentoring, reverse mentoring and events across the West Midlands) will be available to you. This is to help raise your awareness of opportunity in sectors and locations. We will also pay particular attention to the Business, Professional and Financial Services Sector, which forecasts significant growth, enabling organisations to meet or work with you.

Newman University students’ personal data collected through Transformation West Midlands will become part of their MyCareer profile and used and stored in accordance with that programme. You can read more information about that via Privacy Notice ‘MyCareer’ Students or Privacy ‘MyCareer’ Graduates.

What personal data are we collecting?

When you participate, you provide the project with your name, university, year of study, programme of study, student ID number, your postcode, gender, ethnicity, health/disability data and your engagement with the project, as well other information on the student record system. We will also collect your feedback e.g. through surveys, questionnaires and focus groups. This information will be held at your University and shared across the partner universities.

How will we use it?

This project aims to develop your knowledge, confidence, skills/competencies so that you are better prepared for the workplace and for what local industry demands.  We will test a number of interventions/activities to create a stronger support network, with the goal of leading to higher level graduate employment or further study for those that live in the region.

We will use your personal data to:

  • Deliver additional services and facilities to you, related to careers which are part of the Transformation West Midlands Project and include the partner universities;
  • Communicate effectively with you including the distribution of relevant newsletters and invitations to take part in other careers related activities;
  • Evaluate, monitor and report on how students and recent graduates are accessing our services, plan for future courses and activities, and plan/provide help or reasonable adjustments.

What is the legal basis of the processing?

We consider the processing of your personal data for these purposes to be necessary for:

  • the performance of our contractual obligations with you;
  • the performance of tasks we carry out in the public interest;
  • the pursuit of the legitimate interests of the University or external organisations (e.g. to enable your access to external services).

We do not use your personal data to carry out any wholly automated decision-making that affects you.

Who will your personal data be shared with?

The University of Birmingham, Newman University and University College Birmingham will share your personal data including your name, ID number, postcode, ethnicity, gender, disability and if applicable, conditions about the type programme you are enrolled on.  This will used to support the administration of this project.

Your personal information will also be shared with:

  • Providers of any external or collaborative learning and training placements or fieldwork opportunities (and we will explain to you what information is required, how and when this will be shared when we collect the data from you);
  • External collaborating organisations if you enter a programme (e.g. as part of work experience). We will explain to you what information is required, how and when this will be shared when we collect data from you;
  • ‘Transformation West Midlands’ project Steering Group members, where reports are required to inform of project progress against desirable outcomes. But information about you will be pseudonymised / anonymised to protect your privacy.

The external funder, Office for Students, will also receive some information about you. This will also be pseudonymised / anonymised to protect your privacy, as we will be reporting on numbers.

Your rights

More information about how the University of Birmingham lead partner uses your personal data and your rights can be found at this link



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